KTEC Cleanroom Systems provides design, fabrication, and installation of modular
clean rooms throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. Complete turnkey service is
provided utilizing three types of pre-fabricated cleanrooms -
SoftWall, SingleWall,
Semiconductor Equipment Assembly, Full Turnkey - Nogales, Sonara, Mexico
Hardwall Modular System, Laser Tissue Welding, Full Turnkey Project
Hybrid Clean Room with SoftWall and DoubleWall Features
Clean Room Systems provides design and components to best meet your specific facility needs
What we do:

We provide complete turnkey clean room service, providing design and components
to best meet your specific facility needs.
We fabricate the clean room envelope consisting of the walls and top deck, plenums,
recirculation fans, mixing boxes, etc. in Round Rock, Texas.
We install clean rooms, including all mechanical, electrical, and controls at the
customer's facility.
We often coordinate our work with other tenant finish-out activities in leased buildings.

Our systems offer:

High reliability.
Ease of relocation, expansion, and upgrade.
Clean, Fast installation with low impact on existing construction.
Ideal airflow patterns, with full perimeter low wall air return.
Superior aesthetics.
Competitive Cost.

Please fill out the
Clean Room Planning Questionnaire to help us determine your needs and provide you with an accurate cost proposal.  Or, simply contact us and we'll gladly answer
any questions concerning your next clean room project.
KTEC Cleanroom Systems  1300 W. Industrial Blvd., Suite 2  Round Rock, Texas 78681
PHONE: 512.388.2396  FAX: 512.388.2859
Clean Room Systems installs cleanrooms, including all mechanical, electrical, and controls at the customers facility
Clean Room Systems fabricate the cleanroom envelope consisting of the walls, top deck, plenums, fans, boxes, in Round Rock, Texas
Creating Modular Cleanroom Solutions
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